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Jan. 22, 2022

Wild Card Sunday: What The Hell Happened

Wild Card Sunday: What The Hell Happened

This week we break down the shocking disaster that was Wild Card Sunday and the matchup against the 49ers. The game can be described by one word undisciplined. The Cowboys caused 14 penalties. This highlights a undisciplined Cowboys team. The coaching team is in dire need of teaching discipline. Perhaps its time to fire the staff and bring in new blood. However, Jerry also needs to accept responsibility and end this culture of undiscipline. A disciplined team could have won that game and been one step back to a Super Bowl win. 

As a result of this loss, the Cowboys enter the offseason now with lots of needs and questions. Michael Gallup has been a plague on the team and he can start considering offers from other teams. We will you give you a small taste of what we see the Cowboys need to draft. 


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